ABAMobile 2021 overview

This year 2021 has been a few months of growth for ABAMobile and the entire team that we work with. For this reason, we want to make this special publication where we will review some of the actions and projects that we have carried out in 2021.


The constant vigilance that we make of the market, the technologies, and the challenges that companies face make us adapt to the needs of our clients. Therefore, this year we have increased our services by adding web encapsulation that helps turn a web page into a mobile application.

In addition, since the beginning of ABAMobile, we have been clear that integrations were a fundamental service for the connectivity of companies. For this reason, we have specialized in integrating the solutions that we develop with the Odoo ERP.

We are aware of the importance that other mobile devices, apart from the smartphone, are making their way into the world of applications. For this reason, we are committed to the development of apps for devices such as wearables and smart tv. These devices are gaining ground and allow greater connectivity and digitization possibilities.

We develop progressive web apps (PWA) for businesses in different operating systems like Android or iOS.

Success stories

Throughout this year, we have been able to develop very interesting projects with clients from different sectors such as insurance, transport, logistics, food, and security.


This has been one of our main projects in 2021. After years of development and work in collaboration with the Bango team, this year we have finished the development of the app. It allows customers to have all the information of their contracts and change rates, sign documents, etc. All through the smartphone.

app bango / aplicacion movil sector seguros / insurance management app


Another of the success stories developed has been for the transport company Alsa. This is not the first time that we collaborate with this team and this time, we have created a mobile application for France and Switzerland. Through this app, you can see the routes, schedules, and purchase tickets. This tool facilitates travel by making the process more agile and faster.


This project has allowed us to take advantage of the technology that we have to guarantee safety in both companies and universities. In this case, the SafePlace app was developed for the University of Oviedo in order to guarantee safety against COVID infections in the classrooms.

safe place app


Apanymantel has been another of the success stories that we have developed that allows you to order pastry, catering, and florist products at home. With an app, they have managed to bring the online store that Apanymantel already had to users through smartphones. Thus, it becomes more agile and simple to contract the services of the company.

In addition to all these projects, we have developed internal projects that help us to continue training and create adapted solutions to the needs of companies. Among these jobs, we can highlight the delivery app and the mobile application that allows planning trips.


On the other hand, throughout 2021 we have been able to be present at various events, meetings, and fairs that help us to continue growing, make networks and learn about market trends. We have attended European events that promote digital transformation and the adoption of technologies in companies.

In addition, we have participated in the VII TIC Sector Forum organized by Cluster Asturias. Also, we have been at the Employment Fair of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and at the Meeting for Digital Internationalization organized by Asturex.

Thanks to our projects and work, we have been able to appear in different media such as Asturian regional newspapers to show the Safe Place app for the University of Oviedo. We also participated in the RTPA radio program ‘La Radio es Mía’ where we had a pleasant talk about digital transformation, its importance, and what positive effects technology has on companies.

aplicaciones moviles corporativas / corporate mobile apps

One of the latest ABAMobile highlights for this year has been our appearance in the book ‘The 2030 Agenda in Asturias: Good business and organizational practices’. In it, one of the mobile apps developed by ABAMobile stands out. This application helps to reduce the use of paper and digitizes processes and tasks.

Finally, this year we would like to highlight the growth we are experiencing. Little by little, we are managing to increase the team, thus creating a group of professionals passionate about technologies and applications that allow us to create the best solutions.

Get in touch with our team to develop your next mobile project.

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